How to install Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and stick tiles are light-weight, strong adhesive, very easy to install. As a beginer, to get a perfect DIY project, please do follow below steps.

clean the walls

1, Clean the wall surface

Lightly sand and Clean the surface with strong grease remover like Tri-sodium phosphate(TSP). Make sure the surface is completely dry.

2, Draw guidelines

Very important’ Trace guidelines on the wall with a leveler or chalk line to help align placement of tiles uniformly.

It is difficult to line up and apply tiles uniformly over grout lines without the visual aid of a guideline.

3. Cut and save

Using a ruler, cut the left part of your first tile along a straight line.

Save the piece for the end to complete your tiled look.

4, Peel and stick

Peel back first two inches of backing without touching the adhesive surface. Align tile carefully along guideline while applying light pressure from left to right. Press firmly along the grout lines once applied.

5. Align your tiles

Align tiles carefully from left to right along guidelines and overlapping only on grout lines. Do not overlap onto tiles as they may fall off if not applied exactly along the grout.

6. Use cut piece to finish

Remember the piece you cut off from your first tile?

On last tile, use tho same piece to fill in empty space on right edge of last lite.

Tips and Notices when you install the peel and stick tiles

Overlap Tips: Overlap along grout Lines, not the tiles for best results. Overlapping on tiles may result in tiles falling off. Press firmly on overlapped grout Unes for best results