Mother of Pearl

Natural Shell – Reovatile peel and stick shell tiles are made of continuous polishing natural shell which is bright and translucent, safe and formaldehyde-free, Color never change over time.
WATERPROOF & HEAT RESISTANT – Made from natural shells, easy to clean, Waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant, anti-scratch, high impact, color fadeless, Reovatile shell peel and stick backsplash is great Suitable for a variety of scenarios including kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.
JUST PEEL AND STICK – Super strong 3M self-adhesive back, peel and stick installation, no grouting, no contractor, no mess, can be mounted directly on a cylinder or curved wall, save lots of time and labor cost.
SCENES – DIY self adhesive Designed for various application, Kitchen, Bathroom, RV, Cabinate, Accent Wall, Fireplace etc.

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